Tables and Desks

Desks and Tables

Working at home has become much more possible with the advances in Technology and is becoming something people prefer to do for efficiency and environmental reasons.  During the recent COVID-19 outbreak it has become more of a necessity for many people rather than an option.

To be effective working at home it is important to have somewhere to work where you can have the right posture as well as space for a laptop, desktop or Tablet to sit as well as any other items you may need.

There are many options for desks available all of which vary in quality and look dramatically.  Our desks are made to provide a modern and Urban look with high quality and strong materials but without them being too expensive.

They are some of the most robust and easy to assemble desks, frames and legs available but most importantly will last the test of time even if they moved or relocated many times over their lifetime.

Our frames/legs can be finished with your own materials if you are looking to achieve a specific look or you have some materials to use.

We will also be able to offer Bespoke solutions if our standard range does not fit the customer requirements but we mainly want to push the standard range and get some volume.

  • Urban / Industrial / Rustic / Modern Style
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Very strong and sturdy
  • Adjustment in each leg for uneven surfaces
  • Fully Open leg space for easy access
  • Rounded machined edges top and bottom of the table
  • Available from Stock (4 to 5 day delivery)
  • Prices inc VAT and delivery