Retail Display Shelving

This display area was created to use existing wooden shelving that the company had but to show off their cosmetics products in a rustic feeling environment.

The wooden units already existed as well as the wood for the shelves so they decided to build a Modular Metal frame using clamps and tube to fit within the space they had as well as to maximise the display area of their products.

The frames were made to suit the wood exactly which is not possible with standard shelving systems and it was made to suit the exact width of the units below also.

The galvanised frames and clamps worked well with the wood to complete the rustic look the retailer wanted for their products.  The robust nature of the frames also allows for lots of product to be displayed without a concern for the strength of the framework.

The other benefit that this system brings to the retailer is that the frames can be quickly changed, added to or moved to a different location if required.