Restaurant Dining Area

The use of tube and fittings to create a frame work that can be added to is becoming very popular because it not only creates an on trend look but it is very robust and easy to add to with extras to suit the environment.

This restaurant wanted to create a Mediterranean look and feel to their restaurant as though you were dining outside underneath the canopies of a Spanish restaurant.

This was achieved by creating a tubular structure with uprights at regular intervals that were not too intrusive to the diners and then adding cane panels to the top with some lighting to achieve a very unique look.

The cabling in this case was run on the outside of the tubular frame and made as a feature but others have hidden cables by running them in the tubes if required.

The whole structure is very robust but is also easy to add to, change or relocate if required without any major fixing or damage to the building.

Many different variations of these structures can be achieved so if you have an idea please share it with us and we can achieve the look you are wanting to achieve.