Barbers Shop Case Study

Barbers Shop Case Study

We were approached by a very busy Barbers shop looking to use the time his shop is closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak as an opportunity to do a re-fit.

The shop owner had made the move to go on his own and open his own shop around 18 months ago after working for someone else within the barbers industry for many years.

The new shop was fitted out initially with materials that at the time were affordable but also looked like they would be ok for a busy shop. If was clear that after a very successful launch and much traffic that the owner realised, he needed to have some more robust seating and flooring to match the high traffic he was getting in his shop.

He also wanted to optimise his space so that he could fit more people in the waiting area and for them to be comfortable.

Bill Chapman of Chaps Barbers provided us with the dimensions of the space he had and explained he wanted to have a L-Shaped Bench and a storage unit to match. We designed these for him to maximise his space and quoted him within a few days. He decided to go ahead and the materials were delivered in a further 3 to 4 days all cut to size ready to install.

He received an email from us explaining how to install it and then on receipt of the materials we had a 15 min phone call to make sure he understood the email.

The install only took him two half days and all he required was an allen key, a drill for drilling the wood and a standard socket spanner.

The results were fantastic, he achieved the Urban/Industrial look he wanted and had the feeling of achievement that he had been involved in the design process as well as the installation.

The shop now has a fresh new look that will stand the test of time for many years to come.

“We tried to buy standard products to fit into our space but they were either not the right size or on extremely long lead times so we looked elsewhere and found FITTED Your Way.

Initially we thought that having something made bespoke for our shop would be very expensive and also on a long lead time but after a quick exchange of emails and phone calls we had the perfect solution offered to us at a price that was surprisingly affordable.

I am not the worlds best DIY person but I found the installation extremely easy and it gave my wife and I a great sense of achievement once it was all installed. We have saved ourselves some money and at the same time kept ourselves busy and cannot wait to see our client’s reactions when they come in for their next haircut.

I would recommend anyone that is currently closed to get in touch with FITTED Your way to see what options they can provide for your shop fitting requirements”.