Bar Shelving Structure

The restaurant where this installation was had started to get much busier after opening and the amount of storage areas for glasses and drinks was starting to become an issue.  They decided the best solution instead of having a total new re-fit was to add to the existing bar area with a modular steel tubular structure.

The existing bar top was used to fix the supporting legs for a frame that sat above the bar.  This included an area for storage of glasses and drinks.  This area was closed off from the outside with a mesh panel that fit between the tubular structure giving a modern and industrial look.

The shelving allowed for storage within the framework and to the underside of the shelving a frame was secured for hanging wine glasses to create even more storage.

An additional shelf was fixed to the wall and to the wooden top behind the bar to create a very robust but modern looking drinks storage area.

The industrial look not only created additional much needed space at a reduced cost compared to a new re-fit but it added to the look of the restaurant.  The whole structure can be easily removed or added to as the restaurant grows and is easy to install for unskilled labour also.

It is a perfect solution that can be designed exactly to the fit the space available and maximise the use.